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Fork Bomb
greenpoisonDate: Tuesday, 2011-11-29, 2:48 PM | Message # 1
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In computing, the fork bomb is a form of denial-of-service attack against a computer system which makes use of the fork operation (or equivalent functionality) whereby a running process can create another running process.
Fork bombs typically do not spread as worms or viruses; to incapacitate a system, they rely on the (generally valid) assumption that the number of programs and processes which may execute simultaneously on a computer has a limit. This type of self-replicating program is sometimes called a wabbit.

A fork bomb works by creating a large number of processes very quickly in order to saturate the available space in the list of processes kept by the computer's operating system. If the process table becomes saturated, no new programs may start until another process terminates. Even if that happens, it is not likely that a useful program may be started since all the instances of the bomb program will each attempt to take any newly-available slot themselves.

In addition to using space in the process table, each child process of a fork bomb uses further processor-time and memory. As a result of this, the system and existing programs slow down and become much more unresponsive and difficult or even impossible to use.

As well as being specifically malicious, fork bombs can occur by accident in the normal development of software. batch, we can create a Fork Bomb as simple as this:

start myprogram.bat
goto loopme:

As in the above coding, the same module / function is being called endlessly, probably causing a bar on RAM as one particular program is being eXecuted many times which results in eating up the RAM.
Suppose if the program 'myprogram.bat' is one which requires much of RAM , then undoubtedly after being eXecuted continuously causes a Denial of Service.
Forum » Virus & Malwares » Creation of VIRUS & MALWARE » Fork Bomb (Fork Bomb)
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