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Forum » Hacks, Exploits & discussions » Beginner Hacking » spoofing mac id | BigBadWolf (a beginners guide to how to spoof your mac id)
spoofing mac id | BigBadWolf
bigbadwolf147Date: Monday, 2012-01-16, 9:25 PM | Message # 1
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Today I am going to expose a topic on hacking knowledge that some of you might know and most of you don’t. When you’re going to hack something or someone on the Internet, you won’t want your IP address to spill out. That’s because your ISP could easy trace you by two simple information which is the Time and IP Address. So you’ll use proxy or even chains of proxies to avoid being directly traced by the victim’s firewall. What if the administrator of the proxy server has logs and your IP is being logged in there? It’s possible that the proxy administrator pass your information to your ISP and you’ll still get caught at the end of the day. Don’t forget, there are lots of information to obtain from an IP Address if a person knows what tools to use. One of it is your MAC Address.

A MAC address, short for Media Access Control address, is a unique code assigned to most forms of networking hardware. The address is PERMANENTLY assigned to the hardware, so limiting a wireless network’s access to hardware — such as wireless cards — is a security feature employed by closed wireless networks.
In short, every network card (NIC) has an unique address. On Windows, you can run the command “ipconfig /all” to reveal your MAC Address. Take note that it’s called Physical Address when you run the ipconfig command on DOS.

Think about this, if your IP Address combined with your MAC Address, there’s no running away when you’re caught. But if you spoof/change your MAC Address, they might not have a concrete proof to nail you down.
Another evil thing about spoofing your MAC Address is to an experienced hacker armed with the proper tools, can figure out an authorized MAC address, masquerade as a legitimate address and access a closed network. Here’s an example of D-Link DSLG-604T router. It has a feature where you can specify a trusted to access and use the wireless connection
If that hacker is good enough to know the MAC Address that’s allowed to connect to the network, he can easily spoof his MAC Address and gain access to the network!
I bet by now you should know about the importance of spoofing your MAC Address if you have to. Here’s how to do it.

No need of using a 3rd party software for changing / spoofing a MAC address just go for the NIC properties and click configure button on top right corner of the properties window then in Advanced option go to localy administrated address or Network address and give the new 12 digit MAC ID which you wnat to change

or u can download smac
latest version is 2.7
smac/bmac is best option

reg key of smac is-SMC2U-00C8-0004-0467-B30B-00005DE7

feel free to comment
Forum » Hacks, Exploits & discussions » Beginner Hacking » spoofing mac id | BigBadWolf (a beginners guide to how to spoof your mac id)
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